Reach for the Stars

Reach for the Stars

By Rose Scott

“It is only those who dare to go too far who see how far they can go.” Vikas Swarup

The quote is a personal challenge to aim for a better life, a better world, improved relationships or any other goal that you doubt is achievable.

Looking back through history, it is clear that new discoveries and inventions were made by everyday people like us who challenged stereotypes and did not take “No” for an answer. While one feels that we are more of an armchair explorer than an Indiana Jones, most have a longing to change something that seems to be out of reach.

In “aiming high” we all have to face the possibility of failure, the potential ridicule or loss of respect of those we love. It is not until we reach for the almost unachievable that we discover inner resources and strengths that we were not aware of.

The new qualities that we discover in ourselves when we stretch beyond our comfort zone are often amazing treasures that we would never have found without reaching for new horizons. This can, in and of itself, be reward enough for undertaking a challenge.

When one seemingly “unachievable” goal is reached, we build resilience, courage and the vision of further possibilities.

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