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Connect the Daily to the Divine and live a life inspired by your visions and dreams.

The Process

The JOY Matrix is a process where you learn to access and apply your PERSONAL POWER to create an inspired model of reality.

The course material offers a new perspective on living a life that incorporates the esoteric into practical daily living. Many products and services are able to work on inspiring spiritual ideas and feeling good, others offer practical tools to manage daily living more effectively. The JOY Matrix teaches you to combine the best of both!

The Guides

The JOY Matrix guides you to develop a PERSONAL MAP to journey from your present Matrix(reality) to an inspired “new world”. You participate in an adventure that will encourage you to develop insight and assess what is important to you.

The Focus

This becomes the focus of how you shift the way you currently allocate you resources of TIME, MONEY and ENERGY to greater effect. By applying this process on an on-going basis you create a “chain of change” in your life that elevates you to increasing levels of personally defined prosperity and JOY.

The Result

It is a process where you begin to Just Own Yourself – no more using other people’s opinions and expectations of you as excuses for not living the life you would LOVE to live.

With The JOY Matrix NOTHING is about other people anymore – it is about YOU, YOUR feelings, YOUR choices, YOUR possibilities, YOUR growth, YOUR freedom.

The JOY Matrix is about shaping your INNER SPACE to be one that brings you peace, joy and an increasing sense of personal power.