JOY Philosophy


The JOY Philosophy is based on the precept, that no matter how difficult life may seem, we have the blessed capacity to be able to make conscious choices to always be reaching for something that feels better. This is not always easy, most notably in a society that views vulnerability as weakness. If we are feeling tired, lonely or unloved, we can move ourselves beyond that space.

People may call you a dreamer or say that simple solutions are unrealistic, as they do not achieve anything material, but materiality is what creates many of our perceived shortcomings and anxieties. Perhaps the antidote is to step out of the “Material Matrix” for a moment, step into “JOY” and then be able to find new ways to BE JOYful within the “Material Matrix”.

The objective of The JOY Matrix is to help each participant find their own personal balance between feeding the body and feeding the soul.

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