Growing some Patience

Growing some Patience

By Rose Scott


Life seems to have a way of sending us trials and tribulations when what we need most is some quiet time. PATIENCE  – the recipe seems to be take one part drama, two parts frustration, broil for two days in circumstances beyond your control, cool for a week and the result is a small helping of PATIENCE.


PATIENCE, like wisdom, is often a quality associated with advancing years. The reason for this is that people only discover through experiencing challenging times that impatience only makes matters worse.


With all the commitments that we need to meet each day it is easy to justify being short tempered and rushed, but there is little pleasure to be found in such days, no matter how many tasks are achieved. It is far more rewarding to reconcile oneself to the fact that we may cross fewer items off our “to do” list – but enjoy what we achieve if we are kinder, gentler, more empathic and more patient.


Slow the pace and take pleasure in the response that you get when you are considerate and polite – these are qualities that are all too rare in our helter skelter world. We have become so accustomed to DOING rather than BEING that we become achievement focussed and tend to lose sight of the impact that we have on other people.


A more enjoyable way to grow some patience is to plant seeds of goodwill, add a little sunshine and care and nurture an increasing ability to accept life on life’s terms. Whether it is a moment, a day or a life that does not go according to our plan, it is in a gentle acceptance of the role that we can play; the attitude that we can control and the way we treat others that will determine how we ultimately feel about ourselves.


External achievements and accolades cannot make us feel good about ourselves – it is how we treat others and how true we are to our internal values that are the mirror that reveals our true nature to ourselves.


Hope to see lots of smiling, slow drivers in town this week!

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