Family Values

Family Values

By Rose Scott

Working away from my home base recently gave me a fresh perspective on family life. When at home most people have a to-do list is never ending – even after a day’s work and daily chores are done there is a multitude of “nice to have” tasks that we have on our mind.

Projects with a measurable outcome so often take preference over family time. The sense of satisfaction from achieving a goal is as addictive as any substance.

Being remote from the pre-occupation with household tasks has given me the time to focus on what is really important. Children grow up faster than we realise – a phenomenon that is often overlooked. In retrospect one is left to wonder at what has happened to those “missing” years.

Like any worthwhile endeavour family life requires the development of a core of principles. Teaching children to value being part of something greater than the “sum of its parts” can only be achieved by living this.

Most of us are usually in a rush. Slowing the pace to accommodate other people’s needs may feel like a chore! The depth of delight at simply watching your children at play interacting with family in the kitchen, or a parent preparing a cup of tea is something that no intellectual or physical achievement can outshine. Physical affection from loved ones is priceless!

I hope that those of you blessed with a family – large or small – find time to BE with them this weekend and commit to “achieving” nothing more than appreciating the VALUE of the treasure that surrounds you.

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