About Us


The JOY Matrix programme was developed by Rose Scott after extensive life trauma encouraged her to apply her experience in corporate change management and finance to developing a life founded on purpose, passion and structure.
The result was a practical process that takes participants through a process of self-discovery, fresh perspectives and the introduction to practical tools to enrich daily life and managing resources of time, money and energy to greater effect.


The JOY Matrix has been presented as live training to groups since 2015 and has resulted in astounding changes in the lives touched.

Late in 2019 the online training was filmed so that the process could be accessible to a larger audience. Editing continued to take place during Lockdown and with the Global Covid Crisis leaving people overwhelmed with a sense that their “compass needle is spinning” this is the perfect way to “reboot” and clarify:

“Who am I?”

“Why am I here?”

“Where am I going?”

Never has there been such a need for PERSONAL direction and a sense that you can Just Own Yourself.

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