A Moment of JOY
Week 8

By Rose Scott

Have you ever been on a trip to outer space – not in dreams or imaginings? Nope? I do not know anyone who has – and thanks to Lockdown we are not going to be able to venture far too soon.

There is a destination that you can access right now, a place that never fails to delight or surprise, it is an adventure for courageous souls though – as you never know what mysteries and landscapes you may find.. This destination is not visited or explored by many – Inner Space.

So many resources have been “invested”(?) in exploring outer space – probably enough to have lifted us out of the Covid Crisis in the blink of an eye. However, extraordinarily little resources are invested in the greatest unknown and adventure of life – coming to know yourself.

One of my greatest discoveries has been that each hardship, each challenge in life is not meant as a punishment or burden, it is an opportunity to learn what hidden resources we possess – treasures within. Resilience, resourcefulness, compassion, kindness, untangling shame, and guilt – setting yourself free. That is the journey of a lifetime – to fully and unapologetically Just Own Yourself – JOY!

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