A Moment of JOY
Week 21
What if you are not a “4%er”

By Rose Scott

It has been well documented and accepted that certain economic ideologies do not work – Socialism and Communism which is why most of the world has adapted Capitalism. I have often wondered who decided that this is the “best” system to adapt. 

Are you aware that the model of capitalism has one great flaw that I think is glaringly obvious? There are others, but the one that needs serious consideration is the expectation that the workforce “retire” at 65.

The retirement age of 65 was determine in the 1930’s when the average life expectancy was 56. In other words, people were expected to work until they passed away. Those fortunate to be blessed with longevity would be permitted to contribute to the work environment and support themselves until 65 by which age, they were “put out to pasture” to enjoy any time left while making space in the job market for a younger candidate.

Our mortality age prior to COVID was 80, but the retirement age had remained unchanged at 65, meaning hath there was enormous pressure on each bread winner from their first day of employment o accumulate enough wealth to support themselves and any dependants for 15 years, or more, often while suffering from many ailments that are endured by those living longer, but not necessarily quality living conditions.

I have long faced the reality that I will have to (and in fact will enjoy) working well passed 65. I am self-employed and COVID has taught me that I need to increase my skills so I can be more adaptable and to also build an audience or database beyond my geographical location.

I have learned.

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