A Moment of JOY
Week 14
Life is Change, Change is Life

By Rose Scott

“To dare is to lose one’s footing, momentarily. To not dare is to lose oneself.” Unknown


In today’s crisis I think that this is most apt. For those of us who have lost material sources of revenue we have momentarily lost our footing and we need to find some other product or service, or the way it is offered in order to adapt.


In being forced to change we often find hidden resources and skills that we were not aware that we had, or that we had not used for many years. While the quote speaks of “daring” to lose one’s footing, the 2020 Lockdowns have forced that dare on many people. Times of great hardship are also times of great innovation as people find their footing in new circumstances or ways of living, earning money, relating to others and to themselves.


Those who do not step beyond what used to be their comfort zone will become like Miss Havisham in Charles Dicken’s “Great Expectations”. As much as we resist change, life is change – like the seasons, there is a cyclical process to life. The more adaptable and flexible we become the simpler, easier and more comfortable we can be with change – self-directed, or not.


It would be amazing if everyone used this momentary loss of our footing to work towards Socrates’ wise words “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.”


Use your moment of JOY this week to contemplate the positive actions you can take in this moment of being completely out of your comfort zone.

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