A Moment of JOY
Week 10
Bling versus Basic

By Rose Scott

When we take some time to reflect where things went so wrong in recent history it seems to have been with the invention of “labour saving” devices – and the “credit” (debt) ultimately permitted to enable more homes to purchase these items.

The idea was that the “labour” saved would be invested in leisure and family activities and pursuits – but it left us with a hollow sense of “purposelessness” that had already begun to creep into jobs that did not demand originality or creativity, but rigidity.

So our sense of personal satisfaction and achievement at a “job well done” – a beautiful garden, a home cooked meal, a sparkling sink of dishes washed, a home clean and aired could not be found in the usual places.

So a sense of satisfaction needed to be sourced elsewhere – sophisticated cigarettes and cocktails, shopping malls to acquire bling and a different high, recreational drug sales spiked, dissatisfaction with self, became dissatisfaction with life.

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My parents’ and grandparents’ approach to life suddenly seems so obvious with COVID and Lockdown – we need the BASIC to keep us deeply satisfied and rooted, no the BLING that offers a fleeting sense of satisfaction.

Perhaps this was one of my most important “Lessons of Lockdown” – it is not about what others think of me because of what I have – status, a fancy car or a big home, glittery jewellery and a wealthy husband on my arm. It is about HOW MY LIFE makes me FEEL EVERY MOMENT – engaging in MEANINGFUL work and activities, not just those that maximise financial return.

Life is about purpose and structure – and the simpler these are, the more JOYful life is.

Consider the insights that this crisis has gifted you with. We have a lot of work to do together to straighten this major “wheel wobble”, but with the right attitude and the willingness to each do our bit we can make this work. The human spirit is incredibly resilient – as are each of us, but especially when we are not sailing rough seas alone.

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